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Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive. 


“I’ve had a depth of experience – the time I had on the Council actually working in the City. Couple that with the experience I have working with cities across the country, I can bring a set of ideas and relationships to the office that somebody else would have to develop over years.”


“I think that people who worked with me on the Council know that I do have a fairly collaborative approach. I like to have the right people around the table and everybody listening to each other and let’s figure it out together.”


“It is up to cities to lead now, and we need city leaders who are ready for that and are able to take on that role. I’m ready to do that whether that’s on climate, racial equity, housing, transportation.”


“Representation is important. People need to have a voice. If I’m elected, I will be only the second woman in history – and the first lesbian – elected as mayor of Madison."