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Defending Democracy in Madison 

Join Mayor Satya in Fighting the Big Lie!  

In 2021, I was subpoenaed by Attorney Gableman’s so-called investigation into the 2020 election. 

Let me be clear: I’m proud of how elections are run in Madison. I am proud of our hardworking Clerk’s office, our passionate poll workers, our fair and transparent process. And I’m happy to talk to anyone about it. 

But we all know they aren’t really interested in the process of our elections - they just didn’t like the outcome. And they especially don’t like that Madison has consistently terrific turn out, providing the margin of victory in statewide elections. 

They’re trying to scare me into backing down from my commitment to make sure everyone in Madison who is eligible can vote safely and easily.  

I won’t back down - I believe in democracy and will always defend it. Will you join me in this fight? 

Gableman has already admitted he doesn’t know how elections work - and I’m not sure he knows how investigations work either. A real inquiry into our elections process would happen in front of a state legislative committee and be open to the public - you know, the people who are paying for it. 

Now he wants to get the Waukesha Sheriff to TAKE ME TO JAIL to force me to "testify" behind closed doors at a strip mall in Brookfield.


Gableman seems to have missed the banner headlines from October saying I am ready and willing to testify -- in public, of course,  so all of you can listen in.


You have to wonder - what are they afraid I'm going to say? Perhaps they don't they want the taxpayers to know how he's spending their money?


Here's the thing - they know that we did an excellent job here in Madison making it possible for every single eligible person to vote safely in the middle of a global pandemic. And that scares the hell out of them.


They know that I will passionately defend democracy, so they are trying to discredit and intimidate me -- and by extension, our amazing clerks and pollworkers, and even our awesome and active voters.


I won't back down, but I need you to have my back. Can you join me in defending our democracy by donating today? 


I'm proud of the work we've done in Madison to keep our elections safe and fair even during a global pandemic. Thank you for supporting our efforts!

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